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Make a Wish, #MMromance from Evernight Publishing and E.D.Parr

Make a Wish: E.D. Parr New MMromance erotic manlove from Evernight Publishing

It’s the day before Christmas Eve and gorgeous, happy, Nick Kringle is making deliveries on the main street of the city when a car breaks down at the intersection.
Amid the seasonal crowds and inclement weather, Dylan West gets out of his car and tries to push it to the side of the road.
Nick rushes to help him and comes face to face with the most delicious man he’s ever seen.
Dylan’s down on his luck, but Nick believes in magic.
Can wishes come true? You bet—especially if Nick Kringle has anything to do with it.

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The city street glistened with rivers of red, green, bright pink, and white light thrown there by the stores and cafés decked out for the holiday season. Rain fell in drifting sheets as a chill wind ravaged the shoppers rushing from one place to another, some laden with parcels, others hunched against the weather in their winter coats.
Nick parked his SUV in the first available space, opened the trunk with the interior lever, and leaped out. He didn’t feel the cold unless snow lay knee deep on the ground and even then, he enjoyed the beauty, and the way a new white fall would change the light, way too much to complain about the chill.
As he ran around to the back of his vehicle, the squeal of tires braking hard and the clamor of honking horns made him spin around. In the junction behind him, standing motionless, was a stalled car. Other drivers surged around the stationary vehicle, making everything worse by taking space in the oncoming lanes so that everyone crammed dangerously together.
The driver of the offending vehicle edged out of his open car door, narrowly missed by a small car that chanced overtaking just as the lights turned red.
Nick cast a keen gaze over the man, registering his muscled body beneath an inexpensive suit and his thick dark hair, pushed back from his forehead so that the front spiked up. Nick watched the man lean into the open driver’s side door and attempt to shove the heavy vehicle to the side of the road. The man’s pants stretched over his hard ass and a sigh of appreciation escaped Nick. With one hand on the wheel, and the other lodged in the gap between open door and car, the man clearly needed help. Nick clicked the trunk of his SUV closed and jogged over to help.
“Hi, I’ll lend a hand,” he called to the stranded driver. The man straightened to answer and Nick was face to face with one of the most gorgeous men he’d ever seen. Nick never hid his emotions. They shone from his ice-blue eyes and exuded from his well-toned body. He smiled at the man in a way he knew and didn’t care broadcast attraction, desire—pure sex.
Apparently unaffected by Nick’s charisma, the man gave a grateful nod. “Thanks.” He leaned into the task of pushing the car out of the way, as the traffic lined up behind him, and the sky opened with a fresh punishing downpour.
Nick placed his hands on the back of the car, and used his considerable strength to help shift the vehicle to side of the road.
The driver closed the door and approached Nick. “Dylan West—thanks so much for your help. People aren’t very forgiving of a broken down car at five o’clock the night before Christmas Eve, especially in this weather.” He ran his hands through his wet hair, visibly shivering in the thin jacket of his suit.
Nick’s gaze followed the man’s hands and then traced the planes of his handsome face. They stood close to a newspaper and magazine kiosk. The brilliant light from the neon tube snaking around the overhanging roof, and the blinking fairy lights, cast the man alternately in violet and then white illumination. Nick sighed inwardly at the perfect blue of the man’s eyes and the shapely mouth that he already ached to kiss. He introduced himself. “Nick Kringle—pleased to meet you. Can I give you a ride anywhere? I’m about due for a break in my deliveries. I have one up the road to do, and then I can be yours.” He waved his hand at his red SUV.
The tip of Dylan West’s tongue showed between his lips for a second as he caught some of the freezing rain full in the face. Dylan folded his arms in front of his wet chest.
Nick had a hard time not grabbing Dylan’s head and sliding his own tongue between Dylan’s lips. Truth was, he longed to meet a guy he could care for who would return his affection. Nick waited and watched Dylan hesitate, and then give in to the offer with a nod. His lovely hair fell forward onto his forehead. Nick’s hand twitched to push the shining, wet mass back.
“Thanks. I’m supposed to be at an interview. I only had a short way to go. Berry Brown on Fifth, do you know it?”
A smile wreathed Nick’s face. “I do. Come on.” He turned to bring Dylan to his SUV.
Copyright E.D.Parr Evernight Publishing
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Can wishes come true? You bet—especially if Nick Kringle has anything to do with it.
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