Friday, April 7, 2017

Friday fever #teaser from #MMromance The Night Gardener He took the kisses like gifts to his soul #gayromance

Friday fever #teaser from The Night Gardener

Happiness blanketed Dane. He slipped his arms around Zachary’s waist and pulled him closer, so that Zachary’s hard body molded against his. His lips were so close to Zachary’s he could barely answer. He wanted a kiss so much. “Yes, yes, it’s more than a possibility. You’re all I can think about.” Dane gave in to his raging desire and kissed Zachary. The sweetness and passion in the kiss closed his eyes. He clung to Zachary and took the kisses Zachary returned. They swamped him in tenderness, like gifts to his soul.
He drew away to catch his breath, stolen clean away by the level of pleasure Zachary brought him. “I didn’t hear you leave the cottage for work. I didn’t hear you go to bed. Did you choose a room at the opposite end of the cottage?” He put a soft kiss by the side of Zachary’s mouth.

“Would you rather I had a room closer to you?”

Dane smiled as he answered. “If I’m honest I’d rather you were in my room.” His voice dropped to a whisper as fear this might be inappropriate hit him.

Zachary smiled against Dane’s lips as he grazed Dane’s mouth with his. “Deal.”

Dane’s stomach tightened. His thighs clenched as a throb of pleasure woke his cock. He couldn’t voice how much this meant to him, and he had to make sure Zachary meant it. He nudged his nose on Zachary’s and brushed his lips open-mouthed. “You’re sure?”

Zachary touched his tongue to Dane’s.

The surge of desire it brought practically drove Dane to his knees.

Zachary whispered his answer between kisses. “I have never wanted anything so much. I couldn’t believe my luck when I found you’d rented the cottage. Let’s just say from the minute I laid eyes on you I’ve known you were what I needed.”

Dane hugged him tight. Their bodies crushed together. Moments passed until Dane moved to gaze into Zachary’s eyes. “I guess I should leave you to your work.”

Zachary stepped away. “That or make love to me.”
Copyright E.D.Parr  2017 Evernight Publishing

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