Saturday, February 11, 2017

Saturday #teaser #MMromance from new release Falling Star Valentine #SciFi

Pleasure flooded Valentine as he sat opposite the gorgeous man his gaze had picked out the moment he walked into the train carriage. Dale—adorable name, face, body too. Even his voice is attractive. Now he’s not yelling into the night. Valentine breathed in Dale’s presence. He considered Dale’s occasional stare at him, as if never encountering anyone like him. Valentine smiled with the thought. Do I fit in this time? His swift perusal of the people around him satisfied. I do, so that must mean he likes what he sees. Perfect.

“What will we eat?” he asked Dale, and leaned a little forward, as his enthusiasm for being with Dale grew.

Dale raised his gaze from the menu to Valentine’s face, and his sexy brown eyes held surprise.
“I’m ordering coffee and a croissant, but that doesn’t mean you have to. There’s an array of breakfast dishes that look delicious.”

Valentine scanned the menu. “If I over-order will you help me eat it?”

Dale’s sudden, bright smile brought a tingle of joy to Valentine.
“I can’t promise to … but I will try.”

Valentine beamed at Dale. He shone his light on the delightful man before him. He wanted to enchant and spin a web of comfort around Dale. “Thank you.” Valentine allowed himself to imagine placing a strawberry between Dale’s lips and following the action with a gentle kiss. His eyes closed for a second as he brought to mind the special feel of skin on skin, his nose against a man’s cheek as their lips merged softly, and then he opened his eyes to gaze at Dale. I made a good choice for this visit. Already, this feels right. Valentine took a deep breath. The next twenty-four hours stretched ahead full of possibilities. When the server came to take their order, his was extravagant.

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