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By all the stars why? He gathered his magic as sadness weighed on his shoulders. #MMromance WIP for #midweektease

Midweek Tease is from WIP , MMromance, Fantasy, The Dreamboat

Indigo Vaughn stared down at the lights of the city far below. His sky barge, The Dreamboat, sailed majestically and wonderfully slowly through the night sky. The city and surrounding outer suburbs spread out like a twinkling jeweled carpet. Indigo sighed as his imagination took flight, and he dreamed up a beautiful man waiting there just for him. He will be muscled and tall, and have eyes that remind me of the deep blue sea off the coast of my Celtic home.
He drew in a ragged breath. The pain in remembering the far away and long ago place hit him like a spear in his heart. He forced himself on. I will twist my fingers in his night-dark hair and drag him to my kiss. His sexy lips will taste better than the sweetest wine, and once I have kissed him he’ll be mine forever. 

Indigo rested his forehead on the special glass of the window. He closed his eyes. He didn’t expect ever to meet this dream man. He’d lived for so long without love he sometimes wondered how much longer he could withstand the crushing sadness of his empty life.

Indigo could conjure the dreams of his clients, producing the spell for what they craved on The Dreamboat. Sometimes they lived their dream for the rest of their lives. Sometimes they simply fucked up the chance he gave them. Indigo opened his eyes and saw that the sky barge was over one of the huge lakes on the outskirts of the city.

It is my eternal curse never to conjure my own dream. I shouldn’t torture myself. I was warned.

He saw movement on the surface of the lake. Water boats crisscrossed the placid surface. Indigo left the window, exited his private quarters, and walked with all the grace he could muster to the consulting room. Two clients awaited him that night.

His assistant, Milan, greeted him as he entered the anteroom.
“Good evening, sir. The first of your clients is prepared.”

Indigo bestowed a grateful smile on Milan. “Thank you. I’ve read her request document and this won’t take long.”

He took a deep breath before he went into the consulting room. “Let nothing go wrong.” He always said this. It was his mantra to ward off anything bad, because Indigo, even after centuries, had never quite become used to his magic.

Milan responded to his call for the next client as soon as the woman left smiling after her consultation. He led the next client into the room. “Darian O’Harr, sir.”

Indigo kept his head bowed as if still reading this man’s request document. Immediately Milan and the client entered, the room had filled with expectation, hope, and as Indigo finally raised his eyes to the client’s, the air sparked and charged with sexual attraction. Indigo gazed at the man standing before him. His heart hammered in his chest as if trying to burst through the perfectly toned muscles and his dark shirt. Long ago he’d felt something like this, but the occasion was distant. Right then, he could barely breathe with the sensation as he attempted to appear impervious to the sight before him.

“Good evening. I’ve read your request and can grant your wish.” Indigo had to take a deep breath in order to go on. “Tell me, are you attending the festivities in the city for the queen’s name day?”

The beautiful man still stood. He cast a glance at the chair positioned an arm’s length away from Indigo’s own seat. His ocean eyes regarded Indigo, filling with amusement and kindness. “May I sit?”

Indigo closed his eyes for a second. He couldn’t control the desire that zapped through his body. Amazed by his reaction, he forced himself to nod calmly. “Of course, forgive my discourtesy.”

Darian O’Harr gave him a smile. “Thank you.” He drew aside his cloak, revealing an almost transparent cotton shirt that did nothing to conceal his hard muscled chest and allowing the sides of the cloak to fall over his hips, he sat.

Indigo feasted on the sight—dark, glossy hair, cut in a style that showed off the planes of his delectably handsome face and lips that enticed kisses. This man was his dream personified. It was heartbreaking. Indigo wondered if he’d be able to conjure the spell to give Darian O’Harr the lover he asked for. Indigo wanted Darian so much, his stomach ached, his chest hurt, his magic retreated under the blue gaze of the client.

“I, er, I will conjure the circumstances so that your wish is fulfilled. I note, I note that you prefer men.” Indigo glanced away from the expectant stare of this hunk before him. By all the stars why… He gathered his magic as sadness weighed on his shoulders. The only man I’ve seen in years who stirs my soul and I have to conjure another man to be his lover. He drove away the thoughts, and concentrated on a place, a time, a man who loosely fit the description Darian had written on the request document. 
In his mind’s eye, he saw the man, walking past a small marquee, the night lit with fireworks to celebrate the queen’s name day. Indigo pushed for the spell and raised his hands to form the magic into the usual glowing silver sphere

“Stop.” His client stood and grasped Indigo’s hands in his own cool, strong palms.

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