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Releasing this summer from @evernightpub Dragon Bridge #MMromance #gayromance #paranormalromance @parr_books #preview #teaser

Tired from his high stress work fighting cyber-crime, handsome, Key Alder takes a vacation on a beautiful Italian coast. He travels from one gorgeous town to another and after a perilous journey lost in the mountains, he settles into his hotel and relaxes.

In a beachside café, next to a warm pale-blue ocean, a performer hands out fliers for an arts festival in a mountain village. Lured by adventure, Key attends an evening performance of fire juggling acrobats in the legendary village piazza.

Beautiful, enigmatic Claudio Di Fiore, the star of the show, sees Key in the audience and is captured by a wonderful feeling he’s unaccustomed to.

Claudio wants Key.

Key is enchanted by Claudio.

A passionate love grows between the two men.

When Claudio’s mysterious ancient family threaten to tear them apart, will Key risk everything to stay with his loved one?

Read the preview teaser

Key’s fascinated gaze traced each part of the acrobat’s torso. The shine on his skin indicated a moisturizer of some kind and Key allowed himself to imagine smoothing it on, slipping his palms over the acrobats stomach and down the funnel of his hips. His eyes mesmerized, with dark lashes and perhaps kohl liner. Tiny twinkling stars ran over his cheekbones and across the breadth of his chest.

Key sighed as the acrobat soared in a high arc through flaming hoops as if the height and heat meant nothing to him. This man was breathtaking. Key stared and wished he could somehow meet this acrobat. The others in the troupe receded into the background for Key. When beautiful Claudio smiled at him, for a few seconds Key couldn’t breathe and then, elated, he returned the smile.

As the performance ended, Key’s spirits fell. Maybe he smiles at any audience member. It’s part of being a performer. It meant nothing. Even so, he kept that smile in his heart. Key raked the crowd with an anxious gaze for the beautiful acrobat desperate for one last sight of him. Then the man was before him—older than Key had thought—more beautiful and talking to him—touching him. This proximity affected him so much Key had to force the words from his mouth to tell the acrobat that he couldn’t speak Italian. 

 Copyright E. D. Parr, releasing 2022, from Evernight Publishing

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The night sparkled cold and the sky displayed an array of stars suddenly seeming only meters away, a shooting star flew across my line of vision, then another as if it followed the first. #MMromance #gayromance @evernightpub


The story ‘Falling Star Valentine’ was inspired by shooting stars. We all know shooting stars are falling meteorites, but the romance remains when one streaks across the midnight blue sky, and when two, in close succession, zoom over the night vista as you stand on your hotel balcony, it’s a sight to behold. I travel a little with my day job and in the autumn of 2016, I had to travel a lot more than usual. One night when I couldn’t sleep because I was churning worries around, I went out onto the balcony of the hotel room I was staying in and stared up at the sky. The night sparkled cold and the sky displayed an array of stars suddenly seeming only meters away, a shooting star flew across my line of vision, then another as if it followed the first.

I’m a die-hard romantic and immediately my sweet but sexy character, Valentine Steel, had formed in my head. He’s Falling Star Valentine on his way to visit earth. Will he find love?

Fashion photographer Dale Walker takes a train to his hometown, relocating there after nursing a broken heart for six months in another city. His train makes an unscheduled stop to take on a mysterious passenger.

For a long time, Valentine Steel has hoped to meet a man who will love him. When he sees Dale on the train, he’s overjoyed to find a vacant seat beside Dale.

Dale’s immediate attraction to Valentine has him on edge. He doesn’t want another broken heart, and yet Valentine is so magnetic Dale’s frozen heart begins to thaw.

Valentine sets out to charm and capture Dale in his sparkling aura. He can’t let the chance to have Dale’s love slip away. 

#teaserTuesday from Falling Star Valentine

“Can I ask you … are you the passenger the train made the unscheduled stop for?”

Slowly, a smile spread across Valentine’s face. In an enigmatic way, he leaned forward and whispered as if he didn’t want anyone else to hear. “I don’t make a habit of it.”

Dale teased. “It’s unusual. You have to be some kind of VIP. Am I talking with aristocracy or maybe the CEO of Translines?” Dale smiled to soften the questions that unexpectedly didn’t sound teasing to his ears once spoken.

Valentine shrugged. “Neither. I came aboard looking for someone.”

Surprised by this, Dale couldn’t contain his question. “Did you find them?”

Valentine didn’t answer. He played with the handle of his coffee cup. With his gaze downcast and his dark hair falling over his forehead, there was an air of vulnerability about him.

The wish to comfort Valentine, gripped him hard, surprising Dale. Instinctively, Dale placed his hand over Valentine’s where he rested it by his still laden plate. Concern flooded him.

Valentine took Dale’s hand in his. He lifted his gaze to Dale’s face. “I hope so.”

A shock of sensation made Dale tremble. Time slowed. It was clear Valentine referred to him. Fear and desire mingled into a stomach churning mass.

Valentine held onto Dale’s hand and Dale closed his eyes briefly, as he allowed himself time to take stock and savor Valentine’s touch.

“You mean me … or, or, what do you mean?” He attempted to take his hand from Valentine’s gentle grasp.

Valentine loosed Dale’s hand. “Oh, nothing—it doesn’t matter. Should we pay the bill?”

The strange, intense moment had passed. Dale stood unhappily. “I’ll get it.” He went to the bar counter and paid for breakfast. The normality in the action settled his nerves. He glanced over his shoulder to see Valentine gazing out of the window. The man exuded sorrow. A pang of regret that he’d not held onto Valentine, maybe flirted more … stolen a kiss … something other than what he’d done, saddened him. 

Copyright E. D. Parr, Evernight Publishing

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Sizzle Sunday snippet with A Virtual Kiss #gayromance #MMromance @evernightpub Jason grabbed the lapel of his jacket, keeping him close.


Hunky Nate Hathaway can’t resist the lure of private Virtual Reality rooms in a new Internet café that opens on the street where he works. He’s lonely and intrigued by the VR program offering a boyfriend experience. After only one date, Nate is hooked on Jason, the sexy, kind VR character.


Jason Graeme is the computer wizard behind the hot new VR programs. He’s a risk taker, smart and gorgeous. He’s also the body model for the boyfriend. A twist of fate brings Nate to his attention. Determined to meet dishy Nate, he reveals who he is.

Passion sizzles between the two men as they fall in love.

Trouble is Nate’s not the only guy in town who uses the boyfriend experience.

Sizzle Sunday snippet 18+ 

Spikes of desire shot over Nate. He opened his mouth to touch the tip of his tongue to Jason’s. His cock hardened in a delicious expanding. His stomach tightened. He slid a hand around Jason’s head. Jason’s hair slipped through his fingers. Nate deepened the kiss with a soft murmur.

Jason grabbed the lapel of his jacket, keeping him close.

Into Nate’s lust fogged mind came the memory of Jason sucking his cock. His entire body clenched with desire. He wanted Jason so badly he moaned into Jason’s mouth.

Copyright E. D. Parr , Evernight Publishing

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For #FridayReads #gayromance #scifi #horror Love in Danger @evernightpub #MMromance So what’s different in Love in Danger? The two main romantic heroes are already together as Love in Danger starts. They’re warrior partners and lovers.


Editorial review,

...Oh, I love this story…You have created such an interesting world and history for these people. Your villains are both alien and familiar, which makes them doubly horrifying.

Corin and Marcus are a great couple and it was so satisfying when Corin finally vocalized his love for Marcus...

Love in Danger, Sizzling and #action packed, #gay #scifi #thriller #horror

Centuries ago, the planet they cherished was conquered, but now three warriors from an ancient race of gifted beings intend to remedy that.

Lovers, handsome Corin JaKobi and gorgeous Marcus D’Ath are members of an elite planetary squad that rid the city sectors of the mysterious and dangerous Fallen.

When an old friend uncovers the true horrific nature of the elders in the organization they work for, anger at their duplicity drives Corin, Marcus, and rogue squadron hunter, Zeb to plan for the ruling group’s demise.

It won’t be easy, and when Marcus is captured and detained at the elders’ pleasure, Corin’s white-hot fury at the thought of losing the man he loves knows no bounds.

Will Corin get to his beloved, Marcus, in time to stop the horror that awaits him?

Can the warriors free the planet and return it to the lovely place it was before the aggressors arrived?

Be teased from Love in Danger

Marcus goes off alone ....

His helmet tech told him in the pleasant tones of their dwelling’s computer that the door had closed and locked behind him.

“Good morning, Marcus. Take care. Your dwelling is secure.”

Marcus grinned. He swooped over the Elite Hunter Squad Sector where he and Corin lived, made a sharp left into Sector Five, and then took his skybike higher to scan Sector Six and Seven from the air. He detected the weird shimmer of light that always surrounded a Freeloader three streets into Sector Seven, where the city’s population dwelt. Marcus pushed the switch that flicked his bike into stealth mode, which effectively rendered him invisible, too.

The Freeloader hovered a few yards away from two men who fought each other noisily, fists and saliva flying, as their blows connected with each other’s faces.

Marcus drove the skybike down to the alley where they fought. He locked his machine with the tether switch and silently slipped to the grubby, cobbled street.

Copyright E. D. Parr, Evernight Publishing 

Marcus loves Corin... 18+

He went down the few steps and as the water reached his waist, he lay back and floated. Above him, the night sky had darkened as the moons fell away below the horizons. Stars glistened in the blackness that would last for a couple of hours before dawn sped over the continent in its rapid way. Marcus stared through the tempered glass at the distant glittering planets. “Corin, have you ever wondered what it would be like to live on one of the other home worlds?”

Corin glided toward him leaving a wake of ripples in the pale green water. He bent and kissed Marcus with wet lips. “Like the ones in the legend?”

Marcus closed his eyes with pleasure at the feel of Corin’s mouth soft on his, then he brought his feet to the tiles and stood. “Well, not the banishment planet. Do you know what awaited Zeb?”

He stood in the deeper warm water chest to chest with Corin and gazed into the blue depths of his loved one’s eyes.

Corin heaved a sigh. “No. No, I don’t.”

Marcus pushed his arms around Corin’s neck and pressed his body to the muscled form of the man he loved. He dotted kisses over Corin’s lips and around his jaw, tracing more down Corin’s neck. He ran his fingers into his lover’s silken hair and sighed at the softness as he drifted his lips on Corin’s skin. Touching Corin, pulling him close, feeling his body against his own, set Marcus on fire with raw need, he swept one hand between their bodies and grasped Corin’s cock. The familiar, rock hard shape in his hand made his stomach clench. He brought his mouth back to Corin’s and kissed him hungrily.

Copyright E. D. Parr, Evernight Publishing 

Writing Love in Danger from E. D. Parr,

When I wrote Love in Danger, I wanted the story to have a completely different feel to my other stories.

Usually, my stories have the two main characters that are going to fall in love meeting in the first few chapters. Their meeting and falling in love is the story. There is always a happy ending, so often I will give readers a look at their future in a decision to stay together, marry, or a view of how happy they are after being committed partners for some time. I’m a big fan of love at first sight. Readers can blame it on Jane Austen, Shakespeare, and even Dickens to a certain extent.

So what’s different in Love in Danger? The two main romantic heroes are already together as Love in Danger starts. They’re warrior partners and lovers. They’ve been together for some time.

Writing this story with the heroes already in love gave me such pleasure, I might have to write another story where this is the case. (Smiles) The love between Corin and Marcus is obvious, but Corin can’t admit that he loves Marcus by saying the actual words, and that forms the romance ‘conflict’ within the story. This Sci-Fi story has horror themes, and adventure, including events that focus Corin on the need to tell Marcus besides showing him just how much he loves Marcus.

Marcus adores Corin and isn’t afraid to say so. He’s a sweetheart and it shows in how we see him assisting Corin.

Both heroes are special to me. Their origins and courage are epic. Their love is red hot and tender. I don’t know any authors who don’t fall in love with their characters. I always do, so I hope that readers love Corin and Marcus. I hope too, that readers enjoy the inclusion of another warrior in the story, Zeb, who used to be Corin’s lover. He’s a big part of the story without being part of the romance.

I hope readers enjoy Love in Danger, as much I loved writing it.

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Sizzle Saturday #teaser #gayromance #MMromance #NSFW @parr_books @evernightpub #gayerotiic #holidaystory “We are just about naked, babe.” Owain held his face in strong hands and kissed him softly.


Gorgeous Owain Lovage belongs to an ancient family of elven beings. A glamor hides his elf beauty as he runs a reindeer farm and visitor center in an English rural town. He’s yearning for a handsome, sexy man in his life. Owain hardly uses his magic these days, but that’s about to change.

Rowan Carter reluctantly leaves California to stay with his folks on vacation for the holiday season in the town where he fleetingly meets Owain.

Captivated by Owain’s looks and masculinity, Rowan seeks him out.

Melting hot kisses in the snow are only the start of what he has in mind to do with this red hot guy.

A deep erotic passion ignites between the two handsome men and sets in motion an ancient magic spell that will change both their lives forever.

Siren Bookstrand

Sizzle Saturday Teaser from Hidden Magic

“Finn tells me you live in California.”

Rowan gave a small nod, but surprise made him ask, “Did he? I do, in LA. I don’t remember saying so to him.”

The gorgeous man beside him transferred his coffee cup to his other hand. “He saw the tags on your suitcase—LAX, pretty hard not to know where that is.” He brought his freed hand to Rowan’s jaw and kissed him.

Immediately, a wave of complete pleasure made Rowan’s eyes close. Owain’s kisses were absolute sex and magic. He drifted in the haze of sensation, and as Owain drew away, a sigh of deep pleasure escaped him.

“What do you do there?” His lover’s gentle voice caressed his ears.

Rowan collected his scattered wits.

“In LA? I take photographs, portraits of people, families. I’ve dreamed about making a film, but the truth is I don’t know if I really want to do it. Maybe I fell into it because I live in LA. I’m beginning to think I should let it go and find a job that provides a creative outlet instead, or maybe something earthy, like you and your reindeer farm.” He drank some coffee and leaned away to place the cup on the coffee table.

Owain did the same, placing his cup next to Rowan’s. “So the photography isn’t creative?”

“No, I have to stick to the studio’s rules about poses and lighting.”

Owain pulled Rowan into his arms. “What would you like to do?”

Rowan grinned. “Suck your cock.”

His lover laughed softly. “I meant—”

Rowan smiled. “Yeah, but the fact is I don’t know.” He traced his hand up and down Owain’s thighs. “I do want to suck your cock.” He knelt and pushed Owain’s thighs apart, then straddled his lap, sitting down between Owain’s thighs, his knees on the quilt. He held Owain’s shoulders and kissed him. “I’m addicted to you. You fill me with incredible sensations.” He moved to pull his underwear down and anchored it under his ass so that his already erect and throbbing cock stood high. He murmured against Owain’s lips as he kissed him gently, tenderness welling up in his heart. “Take your dick out.”

Owain widened his eyes a look of amusement on his face. “I can’t move.”

Rowan edged backward. “There you go.”

Owain pushed down his shorts, freeing his cock. He gave Rowan a sexy look. “I feel kind of … decadent.”

“You’re gorgeous.” Rowan sat so that his balls nudged on Owain’s and their cocks stood close for him to hold together and play with. “I love your cock. It’s so big and hard.”

Owain murmured between breaths. “It is now.”

Rowan brought his lips to his lover’s and pushed the tip of his tongue to Owain’s.

With a low moan, Owain responded, and their tongues slid on each other’s.

Rowan sheathed their dicks in both hands and stroked them. “I’d like you naked, to trail my cock all over you before you fuck me hard.” He took Owain’s gasp of desire into his open mouth. “I’ve never felt so—so turned on with anyone else.”

“We are just about naked, babe.” Owain held his face in strong hands and kissed him softly.

The tenderness in the kiss blanketed Rowan’s soul. He craved more. “Kiss me like that again.”

His lover dotted gentle kisses on his mouth.

Overwhelmed by a feeling of floating away in the well of tenderness Owain opened up for him, and the aching need to come, Rowan pumped their cocks together in both hands. His orgasm hovered, and then as Owain kissed him again his cum flew high up his chest and he jerked with the delicious sensation of coming. He rested his face against Owain’s to catch his breath. “Sorry … I did tell you … I come quickly.”

Owain’s whisper comforted him. “I like it. Rest in my arms for a while.” He held Rowan.

Rowan stilled for a long moment, but he wanted Owain’s hard cock in his mouth and the honey tasting cum in his throat. He moved slowly away and stood. He dragged his boxers off and wiped his cum from his chest. He held out his hands to Owain to have him stand.

Owain’s dark eyes gazed into his. Rowan caught the flash of azure in them, and then he was lost in the beauty of his lover. He took Owain’s shorts to his ankles, kissing the hard cock that stood away from his lover’s body as Owain stepped out of them. “Let me suck you.” 

Copyright E. D. Parr, Evernight Publishing 

If you like elves, magic, and Yule traditions, if you want to watch two men fall for each other despite their very different outlooks on life, and if you’re looking for a cute read with lots of mystery, some drama, and a very passionate romance, then you will probably like this novella. It may be a slow burn, but it packs quite the emotional punch!

Snow, ancient spells, secret identities, and a romance are the exciting ingredients for this charming wintertime story set in rural England. The quirky characters pulled me in as much as the mystery that was hinted at from the beginning, but unfolded only gradually as Rowan and Owain got to know each other. Based on a tiny hint in the early part of the story I suspected what might be going on, and watching the author develop the story was very enjoyable.

4 flames

5 stars

for Hidden Magic " The story had some unexpected twists and turns, plus the ending caught me by complete surprise. If you want to read something that is definitely NOT your average holiday story, then this gem more than fits the bill."


Siren Bookstrand



N.B This book contains graphic MM love scenes and is an erotic gay romance

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Behind the Title with #gayromance #holiday #bestseller Night Song #MMromance #teaser


Twenty-five year old Oliver Honeycutt has no idea how handsome he is. He’s creative, brilliant at his job, and underused in the designer fashion store where he works. Behind the scenes, Oliver takes special care with orders for customer, rock star, Zane Highwood. When Zane is to be the main attraction in the store’s Christmas party, fashion show, Oliver hopes Zane will notice him.

Multi-millionaire, twenty-five year old, Noah Somersby, made his first million before he was twenty-one and now owns a number of casual-chic menswear stores. He’s a designer, gorgeous, and desperate to find a man who will love him for himself and not see dollar signs as they kiss.

Noah doesn’t often take the train into the city, but one rainy day he does, as he settles into a seat opposite Oliver, the two men exchange interested glances.

In fact, Noah is super attracted to Oliver and Oliver thinks Noah is gorgeous.

As the store holiday season party approaches, can serendipity bring them together?

Read a teaser that features the title:

A blast of dance music accompanied a flood of white light along a short catwalk, previously hidden from Noah’s attention in shadows. Noah moved toward it, wanting to see the promised fashion teaser. The first two models danced along to the music in what Noah considered unremarkable powder-blue jeans ripped at knee and thigh. They were bare-chested and carried their pointed toe, coral leather boots instead of wearing them.

Noah glanced away for a moment when two people wanted to pass him. When he looked again, the music changed to a rock ballad, one he hadn’t heard before, and over the opening bars the DJ announced Zane Highwood’s fantastic new release, “Night Song.” The singer made an entrance along the catwalk. He wore low-low-rise white jeans and a cherry-red leather jacket over his shirtless torso. Zane held a man’s hand, and this guy carried Zane’s fancy-shaped guitar over his shoulder in a parody of deference. He walked a step behind Zane, as if being led, and as the blue beam of light from the swinging spots hit him, Noah gasped. “Oliver,” he whispered.

Noah stared. He’s a model. I should have known. He’s red hot in that outfit. He heaved a sigh. The words of Zane’s new song fit the occasion. He was the guy in the night gazing at the one he loved and wishing they would glance his way. When Oliver did look at him, a wave of sadness hit Noah. There wasn’t a glimmer of recognition in his expression. I wonder if he’s with Zane … if they’re an item. That’s a familiar pairing, the rock star and the model.

The cold from his drink seeped through the napkin. Noah felt the chill all the way to his heart. He watched, mesmerized, as the two men turned and walked to the other end of the runway. The new rock ballad continued as Oliver made another appearance. He looked less at home than before, compounding Noah’s wild guess that he and Zane were lovers and Oliver missed Zane beside him. Acutely disappointed, Noah concentrated on seeing the cobalt-blue cashmere overcoat and not Oliver’s handsome face.

As two other models made an entrance on the walkway, a voice from behind him caught Noah’s attention. Grateful for the diversion, Noah greeted the designer he’d met a couple of months ago at an event organized by the wool trade. He managed to converse normally, but all the time his heart ached with regret over Oliver’s apparent lack of single status.

Copyright E. D. Parr, Evernight Publishing 

N.B. This story contains explicit MM love scenes


Siren Bookstrand,


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4 sparkling stars from Long and Short reviews for Night Song, gay romance.

I really enjoyed this slow-paced and romantic holiday romance. I loved the buildup between Oliver and Noah – the fact they didn’t just eye each other off in the train, fall instantly in lust and jump into bed. Oliver was shy and very lonely and Noah might have been successful in his career but he wanted to be liked for himself and not his bank balance. I was pleased that each man was realistic, relatable and the author gave me enough time to get to know them both independently to want them to come together and see how they could form a relationship together.

I felt the conflict in the story was a little cliched but enough of the surrounding sub-plot, who Oliver and Noah both really were and their deep and genuine attraction to each other, managed to carry the story through this roughness. Readers looking for a fresh or unique story-line won’t find that here, but I was really pleased both Oliver and Noah’s characters were interesting and relatable. The sex between the two men was equal parts tender and hot, and I was really impressed that the author didn’t rush to have them jump into bed or fall in insta-lust.

With a good pace, strong characters and a lovely Christmassy setting this story had a lot going for it and overall I really enjoyed it.