Monday, July 11, 2022

Mark your calendars #MMromance lovers July 28 Dragon Bridge releases from E. D. Parr and @evernightpub #gayromance #MMfantasy #gay #paranormalromance #teaserTuesday


Tired from his high stress work fighting cyber-crime, handsome, Key Alder takes a vacation on a beautiful Italian coast. He travels from one gorgeous town to another and after a perilous journey lost in the mountains, he settles into his hotel and relaxes.

In a beachside café, next to a warm pale-blue ocean, a performer hands out fliers for an arts festival in a mountain village. Lured by adventure, Key attends an evening performance of fire juggling acrobats in the legendary village piazza.


Beautiful, enigmatic Claudio Di Fiore, the star of the show, sees Key in the audience and is captured by a wonderful feeling he’s unaccustomed to.

Claudio wants Key.

Key is enchanted by Claudio.

A passionate love grows between the two men.

When Claudio’s mysterious ancient family threaten to tear them apart, will Key risk everything to stay with his loved one?

Mark your calendars, July 28 Dragon Bridge releases from Evernight Publishing


Key heard the engine before he saw a little black sports car zoom into the parking area and halt in the space next to where he’d parked. He watched as a familiar man got out and sprinted between two trees heading for the restaurant entrance where he stood.

Claudio called to him as he neared. “Key, I’m so sorry I’m late.” Then he stood before Key.

Key’s heart hammered. Claudio looked as if he’d just stepped off the front cover of Italian Vogue. Dressed in a black Armani suit over a white t-shirt, his shiny dark hair ruffled by the breeze as he’d raced to Key, he took Key’s breath away. A strange shyness settled over Key. He is a total babe. He gazed into Claudio’s sapphire eyes and saw joy. The emotion lifted his spirits, but he couldn’t stop the butterflies that danced in his stomach at the sight of his date.

“Hi, Claudio, you look … great.”

Claudio took his hand and pulled him closer. “Thank you. I don’t often wear a suit, but I thought, yes. I wanted to look good for you.” He kissed Key. He drew away and then with a tiny murmur he kissed Key again.

Copyright E. D. Parr , Evernight Publishing July 28, 2022

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