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He reached out. “Hey, wait, will I see you again?” Be Teased with #teasers from #gayromance #MMromance @parr_books

From WIP
gay romance, MM romance, sci-fi 

Easy prey-Saturday Night in the City

Corin stepped into the moonlight. His heart lurched when Zeb smiled.

“Corin, I can’t fight you.” Zeb threw his weapon down.

With a heavy sigh, Corin sheathed his sword. “By order of the Ebion you, Zeb Farrell, are banished from this planet indefinitely.” He took the portalphone from his belt and aimed it at Zeb.

“Wait. Kiss me goodbye, please.” Zeb held up one hand, the other he placed over his heart.

Corin’s breath caught. “I’m forbidden to.”

His old lover’s eyes filled with pain. “No one will know.”

I will … what happened? Why’d you go rogue? What pushed you to this?” Corin’s own pain echoed in his tone.

“I grew tired of the Ebion. I missed you. I … it doesn’t matter that I leave here. I think that one day you’ll feel the same. Please let me feel your lips on mine one last time.”

Corin took the step and closed the gap between them. He grabbed Zeb around the head and kissed him. The kiss lasted longer than he intended. Feelings Corin had pushed to the bottom of his heart rose in a tide of remembrance and flooded his body with desire. Horrified he pushed Zeb away, aimed, and clicked the button on the portalphone. In a strange aura of white light Zeb’s gentle smile tore at his heart, and Corin closed his eyes, but he knew he’d see Zeb in his dreams forever as his former lover raised a hand in farewell.
He bent his head when scalding tears rushed from his eyes and traced a path down his cool skin. To hide them, he scooped up Zeb’s sword, before he turned to Gabrial who joined him silently.

Gabrial placed his hand softly on Corin’s arm.

He knew it was a gesture of support, but all the same, Corin shook it off.

“I need to report the corpse.” He pressed the communicator lodged in his ear. “JaKobi. The mission is complete, but there’s a bloody mess in sector five of the zone. Send a cleaning unit ASAP. I’ll wait here in case the red stuff attracts undesirable behavior.”

No one had ventured into the street where the fight took place. Most inhabitants knew better than to be around when hunters swooped on their quarry, but if Corin and Gabrial left the scene anything could happen.

The tears he’d shed dampened the scarf around his neck and he tugged it away from his skin not wanting to acknowledge the emotions that had produced them.

Gabrial whispered. “I’m sorry. You still cared for him.”

Corin’s reply was bitter to his own ears. “He broke my trust and my heart. He’s the reason I’ve never loved again.”

Copyright E.D.Parr 2018

Be Teased from erotic MM romance BLOND
18+ excerpt

Karl took his hand.

A massive jolt of sensation flew up his arm and he followed Karl onto the dance floor in a daze.

Karl pulled him close.

Liam lifted his arms and held the man whose hands on his ass were like firebrands. He swayed when Karl did, finding a rhythm where their cocks pressed together, and their hips ground against each other’s.

Karl rested his face on Liam’s. He whispered on Liam’s mouth. “You’re hot as hell. I’m fuckin’ desperate to feel your hard cock in my hand.” Then he kissed Liam.

The passion that traveled over Liam as Karl’s lips merged with his in a slow, soft, lingering kiss, weakened his thighs. The skin between his legs under his balls throbbed. His cock jerked in his pants. He returned the kiss, grabbing Karl’s head and thrusting his cock in upward strokes on the hard column in Karl’s pants. He kissed Karl until every fiber of his being screamed to come. He murmured between kisses. “The restroom here is a good place for desperados.”

Karl smiled against his mouth. “I was hoping you’d say that.” He crushed Liam close in a final hug as the song ended and then he broke away.

Liam followed Karl across the dance floor and through the door that led to a short corridor and the restrooms. These weren’t like the toilets in some gay bars that Liam disliked for their barren and sometimes grubby surrounds. The restrooms in this bar were sparkling clean and spacious. Two of the stalls at the end of the row had benches and wash basins. Liam had laughed at them when he’d first seen them, but now he walked past Karl and showed him into one.

Karl flicked the catch along on the door lock. He pushed Liam against the wall with one hand, and as his tongue forced Liam’s lips open, with the other hand he dragged Liam’s jeans zipper down.

Liam moaned, overwhelmed with the need to feel Karl’s hands on his cock. He grabbed his jeans to help, and jerked them down his ass to his thighs as he sucked Karl’s tongue into his mouth. His cock sprang free, but not for long.

Karl grasped the shaft. He drew way from Liam’s lips and gazed into his eyes. “You’re leaking. You look ready to be fucked. Do you want that? To be fucked? To have my hard dick ram into your ass until your cum spurts up your chest?”

Liam’s entire body went into meltdown. His cock throbbed and his balls lifted so tight he instinctively reached his hand down to stroke them. His fingers met Karl’s wrapped around his dick. Liam’s stomach tightened inwards and he groaned. “I need to come so bad I’m about to fall down.”

Karl knelt and pushed his fingers between Liam’s legs. He stroked Liam’s balls with his thumb and clamped his other hand around Liam’s cock tight. The helmet head poked out of his fist and Karl lapped at the slit then circled his tongue around and around until Liam was gasping and thrusting.

Karl pumped Liam’s dick fast and hard. He teased at Liam’s ass with his fingertips and his palm cradled Liam’s aching balls.

Liam orgasmed with such intensity he grabbed Karl’s shoulders, bending his head, and groaned openmouthed against the white linen shirt Karl wore. He thrust up into Karl’s fist and only stopped as the waves of delicious pleasure waned and left him drowning in satisfaction and gratitude.

Karl pushed Liam’s shirt up with strong hands and licked his stomach.

The trail of exquisite sensation he left made Liam wince and sigh. He grasped Karl’s head, his fingers slipping through Karl’s soft, abundant hair, trying to bring Karl’s face to his for a kiss. “Kiss me, please…”

Karl straightened and kissed Liam, over and over. Soft sighs escaped him and he held Liam close.

Liam struggled away, swimming through a fog of the best feelings he’d ever experienced. He dropped to his knees and unfastened Karl’s pants. The Italian fabric slipped down Karl’s thighs. “Fuck, no underwear…” Liam gasped at the sexy discovery and the size of Karl’s cock.

Liam trailed his tongue up and down the huge hard column. He licked at the pre-cum on the slit. Liam held Karl’s muscled thighs and sucked his luscious dick into his mouth—in and out he sucked and pulled his lips in a tight O around Karl’s cock. He pushed his fingers to Karl’s hard ass, and drifted them up and down the enticing crack.

Karl held Liam’s shoulders and with each of Liam’s pulls on his cock, he groaned soft and low, a deep growl in the back of his throat.

His cum shot into Liam’s throat and filled his mouth. Liam held Karl’s ass. Tenderness raged through him as he eased away to swallow the creamy liquid that fell onto his lips. He kissed Karl’s hard, flat stomach and stood.

Karl gathered him close and held him.

Liam rested his face against Karl’s. A soft purring sound filtered through the haze of sex and intense feeling of belonging where Liam drifted. Happiness blanketed him and he listened, intrigued for a moment, then turned his face to capture Karl’s mouth in a kiss. “Hell, that was so good.”

Karl drew away. He pulled up his pants and clipped them closed. He straightened the fashionable thin black tie that still adorned his white linen shirt. He went to the hand basin and rinsed his hands. He splashed cold water on his face and ran his hands through his lush hair, forming darker streaks in the blond.

Liam watched fascinated by the fluidity in the gorgeous man’s actions and the way his muscles moved beneath his clothes. He dragged his jeans up, and pulled down his T-shirt left part way up his chest from when Karl had licked him. The memory gave him a spike of desire. He smiled at Karl, wanting to arrange to see the man again—to meet him—date him—get to know him.

Karl turned. His words speared Liam. “I need to go. I enjoyed being with you.”

Liam’s frown reflected his disappointment. He reached out. “Hey, wait, will I see you again?”

Karl had opened the door and was through it. He didn’t answer.

Liam washed up and sat on the bench. He gazed at the blue tiled floor and tried to stop feeling desolate. The encounter with Karl had raised hopes he’d pushed away in recent months. His body still felt relaxed and mellow from the fantastic orgasm Karl had given him, but an aching empty space had opened in his heart. It scared the hell out of him. He stood and wandered out to the bar.

Milo gave him a knowing look, obviously designed to tell Liam he knew about the tryst.

Liam left. He walked to his car in the warm, satiny, summer night air.

Copyright E.D.Parr 2017 Evernight Publishing 

BLOND , Evernight Publishing #MMromance #shifter manlove

Liam Hale can’t believe his luck when he meets the man of his dreams, Karl Oberon.
Hunky Karl is the sexiest man Liam has ever met, but his mysterious disappearances start to tease. 
Gorgeous Liam is the only man Karl has ever loved. 
Together they spark and sizzle with passion, but Karl doesn’t know how to tell Liam why he races away. Maybe keeping Liam’s mind off the question with mind-blowing erotic encounters will work.

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